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I Love Adult Phone Chat

Adult Phone Chat

Nothing gets me hotter than Adult Phone Chat. It all started with my ex-boyfriend. He was always away traveling as part of his job and because of this we were apart for long periods of time. One night when I was talking to him I heard what sounded like him moaning. So I started trying to talk a little sexier and told him that I was only wearing a big t-shirt as it was hot outside. I wasn’t sure if he was actually getting turned on, but I thought I would test him out a little.

Pretty soon I could hear him stroking his cock. You know that sound of jel or Vaseline as a guy starts jacking his dick? That’s what I started to hear. So I asked him, “are you jacking off?” He quietly said yes and that he was just so horny because we have been away for so long. I was so turned on by that. The fact that he was actually getting off to the sound of my voice was amazing.

He admitted that he likes the sound of Girls Talking Dirty

Girls Talking Dirty on Phone

He said that sometimes he calls phone sex services and gets off to girls talking dirty. Now you may think that this would make me mad (as his girlfriend), but I actually got even more turned on by that. I mean he wasn’t actually “cheating” on me, at least that’s not how I saw it. In fact I wanted to join in and have a virtual three-way with him and some sexy phone sex operator. We actually did that but it’s another story I’ll tell later.

During our call we talked about some of the kinkiest things. Stuff we never said to each other in person. It was so hot that I became addicted to it. I wanted to have adult phone chat more than real sex!! Isn’t that crazy?

Ever since then I have been having fun making guys cum talking dirty on the phone. The sounds of their moans, stroking their big fat cocks and making me say perverted things is such a turn on.

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